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Spanalytics Bluetooth Training and Services

"The Universal Signal Simulator uses state-of-the-art COTS signal generation hardware with our software and signal sets to provide a turn-key system."


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Spanalytics Universal Signal Simulator

Spanalytics Universal Signal Simulator
Custom Data Interface
Spanalytics Universal Signal Simulator
Hop List Builder
Spanalytics Universal Signal Simulator
Scenario Builder
Spanalytics Universal Signal Simulator
User Administration
Spanalytics Universal Signal Simulator
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Universal Signal Simulator
  Spanalytics Universal Signal Simulator

We provide an industry-leading telecommunications signal generation system for use in training or testing applications. This system is called the Universal Signal Simulator (or USS, for short).


Today there are more telecommunication signals then ever. But, budgets for training and testing are tight. To address these issues, we offer the Universal Signal Simulator (USS). The USS uses state-of-the-art COTS signal generation hardware with our software and signal sets to provide a turn-key system. The USS provides a comprehensive telecommunications signal list to use for training an analyst or technician, and provides real world test signals for testing communication systems.

Key Features

  • USS User Administrator assigns level of access to the user
  • Ease of use—two mouse clicks and you are generating a signal!
  • Customizable signal lists for a shop, training session, etc.
  • Comprehensive HTML documentation
  • Hundreds of signals from Morse code to third generation cellular
  • Real-time input of analog signals for modulation and up-conversion
  • Supports multiple concurrent signal generation
  • Build your own signals with MATLAB
  • Use the Scenario Builder to generate signals automatically
  • Many signal parameters are changeable in real-time
  Spanalytics Universal Signal Simulator
Agilent ESG Series

Hardware Features

  • We sell a complete system or just the software
  • Our software supports the Agilent ESG line and can easily be modified to support similar generators
  • Signals are generated in three ways: internally by the hardware, by using an external audio file (.wav or .cda), or by AWG files
  • Use MATLAB, or similar software, to produce the AWG files
  • A Bit Error Rate option exists for demodulator or system testing
  • Insert signals into RF front-ends for pre-deployment verification
  • A complete system with a generator and a laptop is under 50 lbs

Training Features

  • The USS can generate virtually any telecommunications signal
  • Use the default signal set, or build your own
  • Use in the classroom or in the field
  • We include operator's training, and a telecommunications course is available
  • Build a multiple waveform file, or add signal generators for multiple concurrent signal generation


  • Software runs on Windows XP, 2000, or NT 4.0
  • The USS software includes user administration, a scenario builder, a binary and ASCII data source builder, a frequency hop list builder, and other utilities
  • We provide audio cuts in the following categories: FAX, Modem, MCVFT, Pager, Telephony, TTY, ALE, PSK, QAM, FSK, and Vocoders
  • We provide sample AWG files in the following categories: FDM, Multi-path Distortion, and IS-95A
  • The hardware typically supports: analog and digital modulations, TDMA and CDMA standards

More Information

Pricing and more detailed specifications are available by contacting Spanalytics. You can view our online demonstrations of the USS software here. We would also be happy to schedule a demonstration or provide demo software upon request. Please contact:

Mark Nichols
USS Program Manager
(804) 364-1050

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