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Spanalytics Bluetooth Training and Services
Spanalytics IoT Services and Training
Spanalytics is uniquely qualified to perform in-depth cybersecurity evaluations and pen testing of COTS IoT devices. We also specialize in low-level embedded development for wireless protocol products."
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Spanalytics Bluetooth Services and TrainingIoT Services and Training
Spanalytics is a leader in the fields of Internet of Things application development, wireless device security and interoperability evaluation. Being uniquely qualified in how IoT devices interact, connect, exchange data and operate, Spanalytics provides wireless-protocol based applications, products, services, and training.

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WPAN/WLAN Consulting Services
In addition, Spanalytics provides consulting signal processing services to the telecommunication and defense communities, particularly in the fields of signal analysis, MATLAB, embedded development, training, and wireless protocol work.

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  Career Opportunites
   We are looking to add new people to our staff! Please visit our Careers section for details on the skills we are  
   currently looking for.

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