SPIoT is an automated security auditing system for wireless products that is easy to use, thorough, and inexpensive.  If your device has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Matter, Z-Wave, or LoRa, then why not get a thorough audit of your device instead of booking expensive consultants (like us).  We have hundreds of tests available from decades of security experience.  Queue up a test suite, click a software button, and then sit back while the state of the art hardware and software runs through the tests, transmits test packets, captures the packets going over the air (with our PANalyzr!), and runs analytics on the captured traffic to determine a pass or fail.  If a test fails, the auto-generated report will provide mitigation suggestions.


1 year of software updates & support is included. Please contact us if you are interested in yearly support renewal or a lifetime support plan.

Beta Release

We are currently at the MVP or Beta stage and are starting with a suite of Bluetooth tests (both Classic and Low Energy).Why learn all the complexities of wireless cyber security or out-source your testing to a third party?  We have various configurations and purchasing models available for your testing needs.

U.S. Sales

Please get in touch with us for pricing and configuration at info@spanalytics.com.

International Sales

For sales (or inquiries) from outside of the United States, please contact us at: international.sales@spanalytics.com.

End User Agreement

By purchasing this product, you agree that you are the End User of this product and will not be transferring ownership to another party.

“I recently used the PANALYZR to verify the behavior of an off the shelf beacon that had insufficient documentation. The Panalyzr made integration between our hubs and the beacon quick and easy!”

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IoT Expansion Pack

Dipole Antenna

30 dB RF Amplifier

GPS Receiver

Q59L USB Adapter

Directional Antenna




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