0.7.0 Beta Release of PANalyzr!

For our beta customers (and thanks!), we have released version 0.7.0. New features include:

  • Renamed crackle app to brackle (to reflect added BR/EDR decryption capability)

  • Upgraded to Wireshark v3.2.7

  • Increased number of followed piconets from 5 to 10

  • Included FHS inquiry packets in background packets list (along with Nulls, Polls and ID packets)

  • Now using clock from FHS packet + timing offset for header parsing vs. brute forcing the clock and checking on a UAP match (which can lead to a false positives). If no clock value is present, then still doing the brute force technique

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dumpcap permission error after running “dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common” command

  • MacOS and Linux supported in this release

 We are shooting for Windows support with the next release.

All Products:


IoT Expansion Pack

Dipole Antenna

30 dB RF Amplifier

GPS Receiver

Q59 USB Adapter

Directional Antenna

PANalyzr T-Shirt

“I recently used the PANalyzr to verify the behavior of an off the shelf beacon that had insufficient documentation. The PANalyzr made integration between our hubs and the beacon quick and easy!”