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Mark Nichols, President

Our President has been working in the telecommunications field for 20 years. He has extensive DSP and programming experience, developed the Universal Signal Simulator product line, and has, for the last ten years, been providing Bluetooth related services to government customers. He is also currently the chair for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Security Expert Group (SEG) working group.

Our History

Signal Processing Analytics was formed in 2002. We have recently shortened the name to Spanalytics. We are engineers and programmers who have been working in the world of DoD with decades of experience between us. We employ leaders in the field of Bluetooth application development and wireless device evaluation. And, in our opinion, have the best-in-class wireless signal generation products, lead by our flagship wireless protocol analyzer.


There are a number of companies that produce Bluetooth related products, but Spanalytics is a leader in providing custom Bluetooth applications and products to DoD customers. We have broad experience in host GUI and stack programming (BlueZ, Broadcomm’s, and iAnywhere’s stacks), and the Baseband-level stack (IPextreme’s Xblue1200). Consequently, we can provide a radio to host application solution specific to a customer’s requirements. We have extensive experience with Bluetooth exploitation research and the consequent defense mechanisms.


Companies that wish to sell Bluetooth related products to the government, especially DoD clients, must typically pass an evaluation process. Spanalytics is uniquely qualified to provide these services. We have worked with DISA to establish testing criteria, and have the most experienced personnel in the industry. We provide an industry-leading wireless signal generation system for use in training or testing applications.

This system is called the Universal Signal Simulator (or USS, for short). We are proud to say that Spanalytics LLC employees, partners in our success, vigorously uphold our mission statement on a daily basis. With the entire staff of Spanalytics LLC sharing our vision of superior quality and unparalleled customer service, we are confident that we are headed for continued success.



Interested in working with a leading cyber security consulting firm that also sells cutting edge products, such as our wireless protocol analyzer?


We do not have any openings currently, but we are always looking to meet top talent, feel free to send us your resume at info@spanalytics.com.