Combining the IoT Expansion Pack and a PANalyzr, the PAN-CASE takes the portability of wireless packet analysis to a whole new level. Fitted with a touch screen laptop, keyboard, and mouse, the PAN-CASE has all the laptop functionality tailored to be used with the PANalyzr software. Furthermore, with two 129.5-Wh batteries, the PAN-CASE can run for approximately 18 hours, anywhere, without charging the computer or powering the USB hub!

Additional Features

  • External Charging Port
  • One External HDMI Port
  • Two External USB Ports
  • Battery Gauges and Switches for easy power cycling.
  • Soft Close Hinges for Smooth Opening and Closing.

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“I recently used the PANALYZR to verify the behavior of an off the shelf beacon that had insufficient documentation. The Panalyzr made integration between our hubs and the beacon quick and easy!”

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