Spanalytics Summer 2022 Interns


The Spanalytics internship program seeks to employ individuals to educate them on cybersecurity and further advance the organization. The interns take on both collaborative and independent assignments to complete specific tasks that help prepare them to work in the field of cybersecurity. This year, Spanalytics employed five rising seniors as a part of their internship program.

Zaara Ahmed:

As part of this internship, I want to immerse myself in cybersecurity and learn about the multiple implications of the field. I also hope to get the company a presence online through the company blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As of the first two weeks, I’ve attended multiple informational meetings. I’ve learned the basics of Bluetooth, more about the cybersecurity field, and how to utilize the company’s social media. Through my work at the company, I’ve learned to use Wireshark to find different BTLE devices based on packets they send and receive. I have also been introduced to how company products are tested and ways to suggest improvements. My work currently consists of running the blog and social media pages and researching products to continue experimenting with the PANalyzer. I am looking forward to gaining more expertise in the cybersecurity field this summer.

Sanju Devakumaran:

 From my time at Spanalytics, I hope to learn more about CyberSecurity and how it can be advertised to others, mainly because it is a growing field. I also would like to learn more about testing the security of various devices. So far, during my time at Spanalytics, I have characterized devices, researched products for testing, established a social media presence, and learned about the business side of a technology company. I have also attended various meetings in which I was able to further my knowledge of Bluetooth and Cybersecurity as a whole. As I continue with this internship for the rest of the summer, I hope to understand better and apply the concepts I learn from this experience.

Aroonnan Baskaran:

My main goal from this internship is to understand better how business and technology can work together in society. Up to now, I have characterized multiple devices through various tests. I dabbled in the TryHackMe website and learned about Customer Discovery. Through exploring customer discovery, I have developed a better grasp of the business side of tech companies and how companies can create personas when developing new products.

Aaron Chan:

In this internship, my goal is to learn more about cybersecurity and its essential role in our lives. I also aim to learn about different protocols and how Spanalytics gets its products through the door to consumers. So far, in this internship, I have characterized multiple devices through multiple tests, learned about the customer discovery process, and attended many informative meetings about cybersecurity, Bluetooth, and Linux.

Rishan Biju:

From this internship, I want to learn more about how to pentest devices using the Virtual Machine. I also want to learn more linux commands and become comfortable with the terminal so I can perform ethical hacking on a device. So far, I have completed the Device Characteristics spreadsheets with multiple tests. Three other interns and I have been working on filling out all the device characteristics and mac addresses to become accustomed to it. Finally, I feel like we are more comfortable putting the device’s info and actually sniffing for the device by analyzing the data packets.

All Products:


IoT Expansion Pack

Dipole Antenna

30 dB RF Amplifier

GPS Receiver

Q59 USB Adapter

Directional Antenna

PANalyzr T-Shirt

“I recently used the PANalyzr to verify the behavior of an off the shelf beacon that had insufficient documentation. The PANalyzr made integration between our hubs and the beacon quick and easy!”