PANalyzr Version 0.9.9 is Here!


Hello from Spanalytics!    

We are pleased to announce a new version of our PANalyzr software for Windows.

PANalyzr release 0.9.9 (Windows) is now available:

  • New Features
    • Added LoRa packet capturing functionality to the IoT Expansion Pack
    • Added yellow colorization to additional BLE packet types in Wireshark
    • Added brown colorization to LoRa packets in Wireshark
    • Z-Wave dissection improvements to Application, Management, Transport Encapsulation, and network protocol commands
    • New option to launch or not launch Wireshark during a packet capture
    • New Q59L firmware included with installer (for future use)
  • Bug Fixes for:
    • IoT EP buttons become active after clicking the Stop button
    • Expanded Seconds field text box in Settings
    • CLI fixed file parameter doesn’t work when Wireshark launch option is not selected

Thank you,

The Spanalytics Team


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Dipole Antenna

30 dB RF Amplifier

GPS Receiver

Q59 USB Adapter

Directional Antenna

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“I recently used the PANalyzr to verify the behavior of an off the shelf beacon that had insufficient documentation. The PANalyzr made integration between our hubs and the beacon quick and easy!”